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 smokin' sue's jerky
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 I have to hide it from my family or it disappears the very first day.”

              Steven K.


“This is the first Beef Jerky I’ve found that I can eat with my dentures.”



“ I will buy a bag of this jerky, keep ½ to take to work, and freeze the rest.  If I don’t do that, I will eat it all on the very first day.”         
“……perfect for our hunting/camping trips!”

              Susan and Tim


“ This stuff is fabulous.  Just the right amount of everything I like in beef jerky.  It’s not all sticky and sweet, it’s not so spicy that you can’t taste the ‘beef’.”
"Can I have more?"  
   (my son's friend)

"...It's so good.  Not that greasy pressed stuff in a tube.  So tender."

".......I didn't know jerky could taste like this!"
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Welcome to our site. 

Let me tell you a little about us. 

I'm a single mom of two teenagers, living in a small Rural town in Northern Nevada. I work full time managing low income housing but as we all know, times are tough.  We're not rich, by far, but we get by.  Through the years I have traveled as much as possible with my children to show them different cultures, different ways of life.  Because we live in such a small community I feel it is important to expose them to other ways of life.  I hope selling our jerky will make it possible to show them more.  I have a daughter headed off to college next year and her brother will be soon to follow.  I am hoping the jerky business will help get them there. 



I started making Beef Jerky about 16 years ago for myself and my family. I was soon selling to my friends then finally selling to the local pubs, carnivals, Christmas Fairs, even at a yard sale or two.  Every single person who has tried our jerky has loved it and always comes back for more!  Our friends and family are encouraging us to expand, so here we are. 


This is a family run operation and such a great learning tool for the kids.  They are in charge of the budget, shopping for supplies, and they do a lot of the sales.  We only use Grade A, USDA inspected top and bottom round beef.  My daughter and/or I slice the meat to the perfect thickness as my son makes the brine, then we let it marinade for NO LESS than 24 hours.  We dry the meat in a dehydrator for 8-9 hours then bag it up using a vacuum sealer.  This jerky is tender and delicious right off the rack or even after it’s been in the freezer for a month. 

A neighbor mom calles me "the cool-aid mom".  The neighbor kids call me "the jerky mom". 

So come on in, take a look around and feel free to call, write or email any questions you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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